Toast Bed For Pets


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Material – Made of high quality and soft faux fur and foam core. Offer your pet & family a nice place to play, sleep and rest. ??

  • Adorable and practical surprise for your furkids
  • Superbly realistic color printing that’s animal-friendly
  • Incredibly soft and springy for long-lasting comfort
  • Zippered design for effortless cleaning
  • Durable fabric that withstands your pet’s gnawing and chewing
  • Size 37x37x6cm

Wash Instructions?- Easy to clean. Luxuriously soft faux fur sleep surface and foam core can be detachable which allows the mattress hand washing.


These creative pet mattresses are not eatable toast bread but usable pet bed pillow and cushions. They are not only suited for animals but also serve as a chair, sofa or floor cushion. See the size guide above for more details.