Mary Jane Lolita Cat Shoes


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Let the little playful lolita emerge and get yourself these irresistibly cute Mary Jane Lolita Cat Shoes and set new cat-accents and embrace and spoil your feet with grace and poshness.?Tiny kitten that is featured as a printing on top of the shoes is keen to embark on new adventures and walk long distances with you. The timeless black and white design makes them even look more classy.?

Lolita kitten can be shy sometimes but when she feel courageous, ?she is playfully swinging and wiggling with her tail that comes out off the back of the shoes.

They are made out of Polyester with leather elements?and they are easy and comfortable to wear. Slip in and out with ease, yet use the leather buckle strap to maintain a firm hold and ensure a great walking experience while proudly exhibiting your love for cats and artfully designed shoes that cause collective envy and turn yourself into an adorable?cat queen.

All sizes are in *US SIZE* – but please carefully study and mind the sizing chart below in order to make sure you get the right fit for your feet!