Long And Cute Bed & Sofa Cat Pillows


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These friendly, adorable and plushy Long And Cute Cat Bed And Sofa Pillows are the ideal companions for a long rest on your sofa after work or they do equally well as bed buddies. They are soft and ensure a comfortable rest for your head. Lean onto them when you need to!

They come in 2 sizes. 70 cm / 27.55″ (inch) and the longest one is a staggering 100cm / 39.4″ (inch). The long one provides enough space for 2 heads and these 2 loveable cats appreciate if you give them a tight and squishy hug. Kids and adults alike love them! 🙂

Material: Plush
Sizes: 70 cm / 27.55″ (inch) – 100cm / 39.4″ (inch)