Elegant Pom-Pom Cat Tepee in Beige With Matching Pad


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This adorable precious pet teepee comes in beige and has pom-pom trim decorating the entire entrance. Comes with a free matching pad to put inside that also has the adorable pom-pom trim around it. Also, comes with two jumbo pom-poms to hang at the top of the tepee! Your cat is sure to love it and you’ll be sure to love how elegant it’ll look in your home.

  • Beige/off-white in color and comes in two sizes to choose from
  • Includes: fabric teepee cover, double-layered pad, teepee poles, two decorative pom-poms, and assembling instructions
  • Tepee shown is of the smaller sized tepee
  • Small size is approx. 24.8×23.62 inches (63x60cm) with an entrance that’s 18.11 inches (46cm) in height. The pad for the small size is 23.62 inches (60cm)
  • The large size is approx. 27.55×25.59 inches (70x65cm) with an entrance that’s 23.62 inches (60cm) in height. The pad for the large size is 25.59 inches (65cm)

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