Cute Cat Tail Hook Magic Touch Magnets


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These Cute Cat Tail Hook Magic Touch Magnets are just ideal to attach them to your fridge, bend their tail and just hang up small things, like keys or a scissor or other stuff that you are using around the kitchen and you wanna keep in place and sight. They are robust and sturdy while being artfully designed and just looking pawsome. They do definitely belong into your house. 🙂


??Material: PVC, magnets?largest magnet measures

?Cat?tails can be bent?and?used as a hook, Maximum?load 250g

?Small yet?strong magnets, hold thick notes steady. A special feline-themed gift for your friends, family, or even the cat lady next door.

?Perfect?to be used?on refrigerator,?cabinet,?locker,?whiteboard, any?magnetic surface