Cute Cat Claw Glass Mugs


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This unique glass is going viral worldwide !! It has been released as a Limited Edition for Cherry Blossom season.

It is highly sought after unique collectible Kitty Paw double wall thermal glass for hot and cold beverages will not last long !!

Starbucks in Japan only have limited stocks available in their stores. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS GLASS DOES NOT HAVE STARBUCKS BRANDING)

You will be the envy of kitty lovers owning this exclusive piece of glassware and it will definitely be the conversation topic when your friends and family see you using it !!

What makes this Kitty Paw Double Wall Glass so unique in design is the inner wall of the glass is shaped as a kitty paw and when filled with coloured liquid beverage of your choice is mesmerizing to look at !!

Obviously being made of glass makes this item very eco-friendly and reusable in today’s ever conscious awareness of environmental impact.

Holds up to 150 – 200 ml or 6 oz of liquid beverage

You have the option to use it as part of your everyday collection of glassware or keep it safe as a collectible….or why not have one for a collectible and another for everyday use ?

It will make the purrrfect gift for any kitty loving member of your family or friend.

Give this exclusive item as a gift for your loved one’s next birthday, as a thankyou gift or simply treat yourself to one or two !!

Please note: The actual true colour in the item may differ slightly than the picture due to lighting


*Due to very high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery