Cute Cable Chompers


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Phone chargers?can be expensive.?They can also break easily. Luckily, these Cute Cable Chompers?swallow up your charger and protect?them from wear and tear so they can last you a lifetime (while saving you money from buying a new one!). Easily installed by?pushing the cable?into the Chomper, not only will these keep?it protected, but it’ll also look super cute when connected to your phone!

The Perfect Gift For Your Animal Loving Friends! Get For Them Now!

  • PROTECTOR –?Protects phone cable from?breaking
  • UNIVERSAL?– Cable Chompers work for both iPhone and Android chargers
  • STRONG?– Made of a durable PVC material for extra protection
  • DIMENSIONS?– 2cm X 2cm X 4cm

Glow In Dark Cable Chompers