Classy Cat Purrse


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This purse is a true diamond in the fluff: a classic black purse with a bit of feline flair. Dress it up or dress it down, this sleek, sophisticated handbag is the ideal accessory for any?purr-fessional?cat lady looking to chic up her everyday look. Featuring elegant black and gold accents, with a bright, diamond-shaped cat nose and embroidered whiskers, you?ll charm cat lovers and dog lovers alike. The soft interior is decorated with a colorful lavender liner.

While this black cat purse definitely looks like a cat, it doesn?t scream, ?I HAVE 500 CATS AND EACH OF THEM HAVE MONOGRAMMED SWEATERS!? It?s a quirky cat accessory designed to add a bit of life and flair to your outfit of the day.
This versatile bag can be carried as a handbag using the two gold-accented handles or worn over the shoulder with the attachable, adjustable shoulder strap. Featuring two discreet exterior pockets and two interior pockets, the Classy Cat Handbag is the purrfect size to fit all your daily necessities without weighing a ton. You just might have to keep it zipped up to keep your cat from sitting in it too! Oh, and that?s one of the best features: made from 100% vegan leather, this purse won?t get covered in cat fur no matter how tenaciously your cat sheds. Plus, it?s a worry-free way to wear leather without sacrificing style.
Classy Cat Purrse Includes:

  • 1 Vegan Leather Cat Purse